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What are the qualities of a comfortable pair of shoes for nurses?

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

What are the qualities of a comfortable pair of shoes for nurses?
What are the qualities of a comfortable pair of shoes for nurses?

Anyone can buy any type of shoes. Any design, color or style. You name it. But we may tend to forget about one important thing: COMFORT!!!

On a typical day at work, studies have shown that nurses walk about 4-5 miles per 12 hour shift, while an average American walks around 2.5-3 miles on the duration of 18-hour day. That’s a lot of steps for that short period of time. Our body will take a toll of that rigorous activity which can cause health problems down the road.

For all nurses who are standing and walking around for almost their entire shift, pain-free feet and back are vital in surviving a day at work. Comfortable shoes are crucial to achieve this pain-free status and we must be wise in picking the right shoes for us.

In choosing the best nursing shoes for comfort, we must consider these characteristics:

1. Light materials

o Heavy shoes can add some extra weight on your feet and could potentially lead to early fatigue. You don’t want to be too tired in the middle of your shift.

2. Breathable linings/materials

o There are times that it gets hot and muggy in your work station. (Especially during summer time or when the air conditioning unit breaks down). And that unpleasant feeling of wet feet is a good motivation to go home early. So we need shoes that allows air to circulate inside your shoes and avoid that moist sensation on your hard working feet.

3. Good arch support

o As we all know, our feet support our whole body. We need a good plantar and arch support which can be provided by wisely selected shoes. This will avoid subsequent ankle, knee and hip pain while performing our duties. Do you know how a building can stand the test of time? That’s right, a good FOUNDATION. As nurses, our body is that building, and those comfortable shoes are the foundation.

4. Excellent back support

o I have heard from a clinical instructor, “Always remember, please protect your back. Once your back is messed up, your nursing career is pretty much over”. And that stuck in my mind until now. It’s not just maintaining correct body posture and performing right body mechanics. The right shoes you’re wearing will help maintain back alignment, which prevents pain and accidents.

So fellow nurses, just ponder on these things and I hope that you’ve learned something from this article. Keep those feet happy!!!

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