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Top 5 List of shoes best for nurses under $50

Sometimes, money can be tight and we don't have that opportunity to buy the things that we want. We want the best gears and shoes for our work, for our own safety and comfort. The best stuff in the market comes with a higher price, and there are times that we cannot afford these things if we are in a tight budget. However, there are still some quality products that we can afford and here is the list of best shoes for less than $50.

1. FULORIS Chef Nurse Shoes Non Slip for Men

Get your pair on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3cWSWxD

This particular brand is commonly used by professionals in healthcare, restaurants and service industries where slip resistance is an utmost importance. You can wear them indoors and outdoors during your free time but also while working in hospitals, clinics, laboratories and even restaurants. They are lightweight, with soft and breathable insoles which provides comfort while standing for long periods.


· Easy to clean. They are dirt resistant and using just water cleans them off

· Great to use also while gardening or walking on muddy surfaces

· No holes in the vamp, preventing dirt and spills to get inside the shoes


· Some customers reported that may not have great traction with greasy or oily floors

2. HKR Women’s Walking Tennis Shoes Slip On Light Weight Mesh Platform Air Sneakers

Get your pair on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2C0ujmX

This footwear is made of elastic knit mesh that provides durability and expands and adjust to any size and shape of feet which gives comfort and ease of use. Great for walking on any surface at the hospital and home, even gravel or sidewalk. The material used for this shoe allows air to circulate inside, thus making it awesome to use even during hot summer months. The best part is it is priced less than $30.


· May get wet easily, but dries up pretty fast

· Lightweight and not heavy on feet after a 12 hour shift

· Excellent for recreational activities like hiking or jogging


· May need additional shoe inserts if you have high arched feet

· Sometimes, sizing can be an issue to some customers

3. Skechers Men's Equalizer Persistent Slip-On Sneaker

Get your pair on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3fjPajE

This brand is made of synthetic mesh/fiber making it lightweight and breathable inside, avoiding the development of foot odor. The shoes’ design meets consumers various lifestyle needs whether personal use or professional utilization. They have a memory foam as an insole that provides arch support and comfort while standing or running.


· Great to use anytime of the year (even during summer or hot season)

· Superior comfort for reasonable price

· Excellent to use for all ages

· Lasts for more than 1-2 years even with daily and rigorous use


· Not waterproof

· Not built for heavy guys

4. Belilent Womens Walking Shoes Slip on Sneaker Socks Platform Nurse Mesh Breathable

Get your pair on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2UCf8qp

The shoes are made of durable knit material for ventilation and breathability suitable for long standing at work, travel or casual activities. The wavy thick sole provides great traction and stability especially while walking on uneven ground or surface. They are so comfortable and putting socks on is optional. Since the soles are made of plastic materials, they are waterproof but not the rest of the shoes. Can be purchased for less than $30.


· With great cushion, perfect for people with plantar fasciitis

· Easy to slip on and off

· Stylish designs and can be paired with different pants, dress and tops


· Since they are not waterproof, can get wet or stain easily

· Disparity in finding the right fit is also an issue with some buyers

5. Women's Slip-on Walking Shoes - Air Cushion Mesh Casual Work Nursing Shoes

Get your pair on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2YsGfW3

The classic air cushion design of this footwear makes it suitable for use for those who needs to walk or stand for long periods of time, whether at work or during recreational activities. The fabric materials also allow air to circulate inside the shoe, avoiding sweating and odor production. It also provides comfort while in use in hot weather or in humid conditions. The soles also offer non-slip traction, appropriate to use also in restaurants by chefs and staff. The price is slightly above $30.


· Great for those who are also looking for ankle support or those who had foot/ankle injury or surgery

· Suitable for travel, running and other sports activities

· Durable and last for several years


· Getting the right size is also an issue with some customers

· Some have snagged a little inconvenience slipping their feet on and off the shoes

Quality comes with a price, but we can some great deals that will fit our budget. We just have to look around and if we are lucky and persistent, we can find that shiny needle in a haystack!!!

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